Estate Planning, Administration, & Litigation

Estate Planning

The Law Office of C. Richard Ropka, LLC provides comprehensive estate planning for individuals, business owners, corporate executives, professionals and their families. We advise our clients concerning the effective means to transfer property to their spouses, children, grandchildren, charities and other potential beneficiaries with minimum tax costs both during life and upon death. Regardless of the size or asset composition, our firm takes an active approach in designing and implementing strategic tax-saving planning documents to ensure that our clients have satisfaction and peace of mind. Those individuals or families who have a desire to create a long lasting legacy, our firm assists clients in the format and legal compliances of Private Foundations.

While our focus is in the State of New Jersey, we also provides estate planning services for those whose residence is in the surrounding areas.

Estate Administration

An additional focus of our estate planning practice involves the probate or the administration of decedents’ estates and ongoing trusts. The Law Office of C. Richard Ropka, LLC assists surviving loved ones, executors, and declared administrators in the complex procedures of estate administration in order to ensure that the assets reach their intended beneficiary thus accomplishing the desires of the decedent without undue expense. Our firm also acts as counsel to trustees of trusts to care for surviving spouses or children as well as charities. We assist in the selection and supervision of competent investment counsel, monitor the performance of trust funds and assist in the administration of such trusts as intended by the settlor of the trust.

Estate Litigation

For more information pertaining to our Estate Litigation services, we invite you to contact our office.